“Using what I got” decal bead~BEAD BONANZA

Bead Bonanza-It’s that time of year!!

Every year in March!! (and February)

Beads! Glorious beads! Big ones! Small ones! Metal ones! Clay ones! AND GLASS!!!!

MARBLES hang out around there too! Bulk chains, and leather. Cool tools!!

Southfield PavilionSouthfield Municipal Complex Pavilion 26000 Evergreen Road Southfield, MI 48076

March 22,Sunday 10:00 AM – 5:00PM
Southfield Civic Center
Southfield, MI

Look for my work and me at the Glass Act booth.












sheiamorley-031009-077This here picture is called,”Using what I got”. 😉  That is what Denise Billups Walker (of Fire dance Lampwork) said to me; She said, “Your using what ‘cha got…that’s good.”   I am so fond of her Island girls

This is a photograph of one of my super secret decal beads!! No light editing because I am SO tired.  Ideas are spinning, and things are getting done. I even pulled out some old sketch book study to share!

In time….





…………………………………………………………..BTW; Etsy has some great deals!




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