Making Jewelry art with art! Celebrate the passion!

Check out This beautiful neck piece made by Karen Haight…

Lady with a dress on an elegant neck piece by Karen Haight


She is about to debut her work for sale “on line” in Cyber space at Artfire (great place for self rep. Artist’s to sell the art they make on line). Her Artfire “studio” (shop) will open in the next coming weeks under ‘KLH_Designs’.

This is what she had to say about that “Lady with a dress” focal bead I made;

“Hi Sheila

Just wanted to send you a picture of a necklace I just made with one of your pendants.

I bought this pendant from you in August of last year.  It was on Ebay.  The minute I saw it….I fell in love!   Anyways….just wanted to share with you what I have done with your beautiful pendant. I bought those black beads back in 2007 when I went to California for a visit.  I attended a Gem Fare show in Oakland, California.  If I remember correctly, they are rainbow obsidian.  The larger roundel’s are black onyx and the smaller rounds are also rainbow obsidian.

Maybe you’ve seen this already…..I posted it in the Jewelry Showcase over at the TorchBugs forum.

I really hope I have done your piece justice.  It’s such a gorgeous piece…..I wanted to showcase it.                Have a great day!”

 Karen Haight

If you would like to contact her; please send me a note.

(posting e-mails here could encourage spamming)


This came at a good time for me.  Such a positive moment. Thank you, Karen!


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