Feels like “Famous” for a few moments…civilian Artist girl…

lemonadeWhen all of a sudden someone pays you a compliment, it is totally refreshing! Uplifting! Just all around good.

This week I was featured on a blog by “crochet by Momma J”, I was nominated for the lemonade  award by “Coloraddiction“, and I got to see my new nephew TWO TIMES!! On top of it all, my Dad is SIXTY!! (WA HOO!) A big week for me.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get bigger, I was featured at Bead Showcase!!

(BTW- I have no idea how the lemonade award started, or really what it is. It just felt good to get nominated. And, so, now, I get to pay it forward. I have to nominate 10 people….hmmmm…)

Okay, being featured on someone’s blog. It is free advertisement, and MOST of all, it FEELS GOOD. Somebody out there is spreading out some good energy, and I say, BRING IT! (I’ll take what I can get)

So. while I was in the studio making art (on FLAMING Friday), and feeling like a mad scientist, I was thinking about who to nominate. I am bringing you 10 links to 10 very awesome blogs I AM POSYING THEM HERE!!

 Yes, I will pay this feeling forward…

Thank you crochet by Momma J! What a nice interview. And Kandice!! Thank you!  (“Coloraddiction”; Kandice really is addicted to color!)


Blog #1 – Cyber sister Angelinabeadalina– She is a Mother, a friend, an amazing writer, a fantastic glass melter, she really knows how to use raw materials. We recognized we both shared some common interests and we became Cyber sisters a couple years ago.  We were making beads that were not very practicle…; as far as the idea of a bead goes….I think we shared an interest that we we were discovering in a whole new way (new to us, anyway…) …read her blog; she rocks!


Blog #2 BEAD NERD or Lori Greenberg. Currently she has posted a blog about a call to entry; Art biological Competition. Lori brings a lot of good ideas to today’s on line Artist’s. Very helpful with starting the biz. She is also the Boss at Watch Me Create’s team blog. That makes #3!!

#3 Watch Me Create’s team blog has some amazingly inspiring Artist’s coming out from all around the world. And, I know one for #4!

#4 Heather Hertziger  is a writer at Watch me create team blog, and this week she shakes up the muse!  Heather works from her home studio in Wisconsin. You can see her work here and read more about her life here.

#6 Vauna. Just Vonna! She is fun. A real person, with a real heart. She likes to write about beads, and jewelry. And she has a lot of experience to bring to the subject.  Her abstract swirl beads like to travel around with me to shows and inspire people.

#7 Beaders showcase! Totally rocks! A Big gallery of Art  jewels! Eye candy! Jeff is a very nice guy who knows how to manage a site! Thank you Jeff! (They featured me on the Home page this week! That makes three awesome compliments from Cyber space! I needed that. 😉

#8 Rosebud101 or ‘FOR THE LOVE OF BEADS’ has some nice insights. She loves art craft and talks about it being her therapy. And, have you seeen the dog? Totally Cute!


4 Responses to Feels like “Famous” for a few moments…civilian Artist girl…

  1. angie says:

    Hey, just read that interview– very nice! Your glass is so pretty, it really stood out on that page 🙂 Peashout to you, too, Ang

  2. justvonna says:

    U spelled my name wrong you goober — lol –
    Your beads rock ~ I wear you around my neck every day – 😉

  3. So I did, Vonna…
    (sorry, it’s the dislexia…lol)

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