A glass shell STUDIO is getting cleaner and a Birthday!

my very 1st glass shell from a Loren Stump class,(no! It does not look like the size and shape he taught. It does have the same colors 😉  2006 Sheila Morley



It is always a pleasure to see the first of something.  This was the first shell EVER. After an instructor showed me the ropes. I really LOVE that cobalt blue marble hanging out with this one.  I think about making shells a lot right now. I am about to enter into about 3 months of some serious glass art transformations. My work is growing in size, and the end result is sitting on tables, not around your neck. Exciting times are coming up!

Still cleaning out the studio; getting ready for it to get warm out! (Yes, I will be getting ready for a while! 3 more months of Winter are ahead.)  Torching is very difficult this time of year because it is so cold (in my VERY well ventilated studio). The incoming air is FREEZING! Now, I just go to the torch and make 2 or 3 things, and then I have to stop!

Right now I have MANY projects going on. Articles, art submittals, preparing my lesson plans for future classes, custom pieces… time flies.

And! Wait! My first born child is turning 8 years old. So, everything can STOP! Because I am going to go have fun with my children this weekend. Nathe is 8! We will be eating lots of pizza (his favorite), seeing movies, playing at ZAP Zone (he loves to play with pretend guns with lazers), and visiting his new favorite person (my good friend, one of the closest since child hood), Uncle Chris (‘Uncle’ by friendship). Uncle Chris has WII. Yes, WII, the game!



with LOTS of chocolate cake!


One Response to A glass shell STUDIO is getting cleaner and a Birthday!

  1. Angie Garren says:

    Happy Birthday, Nathe!! Have a terrific weekend, Sheila! You and your boys will look back on it with fond memories for many years 🙂

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