Cleaning up the studio; found some art to share.

Traditional Italian style people sculpting; 'year 3' by Sheila Morley

Traditional Italian style people sculpting; 'year 3' by Sheila Morley

sheilamorley-1-4-09-026Practicing Italian style sculpting is a side kick in my studio. I practice every now and then. I set the people in a bowl, and at the end of the year it gets pretty dusty, so I clean them, and this is last years in a bowl.
Italian  Style sculpting is absolutley fascinating! I used to watch some people (in a window of a cute Michigan town) sculpt clear swans. (I was a child on vacation somewhere on the great lakes; we had a boat when I was growing up.)  That was the closest I ever got to this majical art form as a child. You watch glass become molten, and then imediatley following it  becomes perfectly representational.  A blob becomes a limb, LITERALLY!
In approximatley 1 min. a leg is formed.  Loren Stump introduced me to this beautiful art.
This is my 2008 pile of practice people. (what’s left of it.) Every now and then I take all my glass people and throw them together into an interesting people sculpture. They are not where I want them to be yet (anatomically). They do make some funky sculpture!
If I had an aquarium, that is where I would put them. (Right now I am storing them in a box.)
Like this one- My first people ever! (2006…a little Marge Simpson hair going on…) I named these, “Thing one, and Thing two”…about 2” tall people.

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