Fantastic times with glass and Artist’s from all around Michigan/Ohio!

Snowflake chandeleir at the Dearborn Glas Academy holiday bazaar

Snowflake chandelier at the Dearborn Glass Academy holiday bazaar

I spent time with some really awesome people at the Dearborn Glass Academy holiday bazaar. (If you did not make it this year, YOU HAVE TO COME NEXT YEAR!!)  I made some very fun trades (I will have to share some pictures later in the week.).  I LOVE hanging out and selling with so many SUPER COOL PEOPLE!! Exciting! 

I saw Neon glass in action. (I made a super cool Neon Friend!) Totally radical procedure! Who came up with that? I will have to find out.  I think I may take a class in that some day.  The possibilities are unbelievable to me.

Um, pick your torch students! They have a very nice variety of options for the lampworker.  I wanted to melt some glass there; I just could not really come up with extra time.  ( I even had a helper the entire time, and I was still too busy!) MANY people came out to see the local Fine art.  Sales were VERY good.

I heard the HOT glass furnace workers on the microphone doing demonstrations all day.  And! I got to see this years work. They are so FREAKING TALENTED!!!!!

I have Lots to share about that show….little time to get to it this week. I have some auto cad drawings to do for the Madonna University, and some custom glass orders to take care of. 

 2009 IS ALMOST HERE! I AM TEACHING GROUPS!! (Gotta fill you in on the schedule and the lesson plans.)

I will be adding some NEW E bay (fee bay)auctions up by the end of the week. I need to raise some more funds for the Christmas parties going on, and my little holiday vacation…

Thanks for checking in!

My tables under an Awesome Tree of life stained glass piece. (Chuck, the stained glass guy; ROCKS!)

Part of my tables under some Awesome stained glass pieces. (Chuck, the stained glass guy; ROCKS!)


One Response to Fantastic times with glass and Artist’s from all around Michigan/Ohio!

  1. Angie Garren says:

    Sounds like it was a blast!

    P.S. I love the snowflakes falling here on your blog!!

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