Southfield MICHIGAN bead bonanza OCTOBER 5

I am in one of the largest bead shows in michigan. This is my second year being in the show. I have been attending the show since a way long time ago.

It is a great show! We have everything related to jewelry. From supplies to create your own, to the actual piece you can wear, or display. Every year more and more boundary pushers show their face; taking beads to whole new level.  It really is a movement that is fun to watch.

Seed beaders are creating sculptures with those tiny  beads. And, bead MAKERS (like me) are making beads that can be displayed as art, and be worn.  I see a lot of bead makers branching out into creating functional objects with their beads too. Letter openers, fan pulls, cell phone decorations, key chains, bottle stoppers, pens, and even tools with beads.

Making things with beads itself is a passion many of us share. A bead can be a symbol of Love, trust, a memoryfrom your life. Beads celebrate the essence of passion. 


(“Lady with a dress” published in the Flow 2008, sold)


One Response to Southfield MICHIGAN bead bonanza OCTOBER 5

  1. Angie Garren says:

    She is the most beautiful Lady in a Dress so far, Sheila!! She’s positively alive, about to glide completely out of that dreamy glass background and explore the world. You’re gonna have a terrific show!

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