Implosions made into a pendant with glass

 An implosion is a beautiful discovery. Getting the colors to explode into the center, creating this beautiful fire work/floral design. Absolutley inspiring! The backing color is VERY important. You want a color that really contrasts with the center. This really makes the implosion part pop out at you.

Until now, my implosions were expirimental, and needed to be perfected. This is after 2 years of practice. Now that I am getting the techniques down, I am looking forward to designing some new designs. I would like to incorporate some murrini in there, and some flowers, and where ever else my muse takes me…

From a bussiness perspective, I am hoping my future implosion sales will cover the costs my families health insurance. From a personal perspective, I am totally falling in love with an entirely new form of art with glass.


I wa so inspired by a local friend of mines Rose pendant. His has many red roses encased in clear, and are made with a different glass. He uses borosilicate glass (hard glass). My pendant are made with Italian glass (soft glass).

I do use both glass types (hard and soft), I just prefer the softer type.  The hard glass takes longer to melt; it melts at a much higher temperature.

Roses are a beutiful flower. I have over 50 rose plants in my yard I can draw inspiration from. Most of the petals have 2 or 3 different colors. In this pendant glass strings are made with multiple colors, and painted onto the glass. I then slowly imploded the colors into the center, and put some dichroic glass (metal and glass) on the back side. This is a beautiful discovery.

My muse has some exciting ideas I will be working on in the next few months.

Some of these pendants are for sale at Ebay, and some are at my Etsy shop. All of them will be with me at the art and bead shows in Michigan that I will be attending. You can visit my schedule at my website (Click).


2 Responses to Implosions made into a pendant with glass

  1. TM Yong says:

    I am very interested in soft glass implosion pendants. The tutorials on the websites are meant more for boro, and do not seem to work on soft glass. Do you have a tutorial for soft glass implosion flowers?

    • I learned in borosilicat, and have applied those skills to soft glass.
      I learned soft glass “mandrel” implosions from Mary Lockwood’s, short, straight to the point! free on line tutorial!!
      My advice, work slow, and keep it cool with those imlposions. You have to control it.
      good luck! be well! Show me some pictures when your muse takes over

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