Beaders showcase ~ Jewelry evolves into function free art

The beaders showcase asked me to manage an online group that is to be started within their websites network.  It is a new group they are forming to teach more people about what Lampwork glass beads are, and how they are made. As much as I would like to play around and make a website, I just simply do not have the time to take that on. So, I am thankful for the offer, and I will participate; just not as an administrator.

I do think it is a great idea. I am excited to visit the forums and blogs there.  The site seams to be pulling in a variety of talented people from different genre’s in the bead, jewelry, and just art-scene. This has lead me to new connections, new customers, and a new perspective.

It is true that most Fine art masters started learning their skills in a small scale. Jewelry was a common beginning during the time of Michelangelo, Leonardo, and many more.  I am recognizing more and more jewelers moving toward art, and sculpture. The skills they are taking with them are very impressive.  The beaders showcase, I think, is going to be a very impressive Gallery to browse.

Another place celebrating passion!


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