Arts Beats and eats~Music experience. LOTS OF ART!

I have a story for you!!

I was at the Pheonix center last night (8-29-08). At the BIG “Arts beats and eats” festival.   We went to see Blues Traveler , and Rusted root play. I like to dance. And, if i can I like to be up close to the band, and boogie down! So, I did that. I went up to the stage and danced.

Then, I noticed John Popper (the singer/harmonica player for Blues Traveler) look right at me, and throw his harmonica to me. I caught it, and then some drunk man came flying in front of me, knocked it out of my hands. Then!! It fell on the ground, I PICKED it up. And, that drunk guy grabbed it out of my hands, looked at me, and said, “I got it!!”, “it’s mine!”.

Well, so fine. I was kind of bummed. I was not going to argue with that type of person. Really, I was honored. A musician thanked me, and that ment more than the actual harmonica. It is fabulous when the band plays, and gives e a great time, and when they see me (or who ever) dancing, it makes the bands time better. The energy from that encourages LOTS of people to DANCE.

i’m inspired. My next band bead should have something to do with Blues Traveler. They are such a fantastic band! And! Rustd Root! Funky drum circle style FUN!

The art at the festival looks awesome. I will be going back later this weekend. I noticed MANY other tables this year. Not Fine Art. Just awesome bargains. It is good that the art show is growing, and supporting some of the less fortunate people in this economy right now. Some second hand shops are out. 

I’ll be there with Glass BEADS!! (in my back pack!)

And! I am making swan implosion pendants. What’s that? You will have to check back to find out!



3 Responses to Arts Beats and eats~Music experience. LOTS OF ART!

  1. xinte says:

    great site, i love it, may yr artistic juices spill forever.

  2. Sharon says:

    Hi Sheila! Wish I’d of gone to the show with Brian (DH). He was in the Art Show with his toys. Maybe next year I’ll get to go…save a dance for an old lady?

  3. Yes! Sharon, I dance with all kinds 😉
    Toys, huh? Cool! I wish I would of saw your DH! This is the first year I did not really get to look around too much. From a distance the art was fantastic! (I already spent my yearly art purchasing money 😦 I am addicted to purchasing art…)

    see ya on the dance floor!

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