Sketch book study~Grand canyon,death valley,ink

Being that art is a life long experience…I have lots to share. Gotta do something with the studies…

The grand canyon at night.  The moon reflects off the canyon walls, and you can see details in the stone walls.

February is an especially interesting time to visit. Very little traffic, and snow is at the top. You start off with ice picks on your feet, and after a 7 hour hike down, it is a HOT dessert place, and everyone’s skin kind of turns canyon colored. (From the red dirt).  The peace and quiet place to camp. (If you have long hair; FYI- I put my entire head in braids (13 or 14) before I left, when I got to the top I looked like an Indian. oh! And getting to the top, after 9 hours of hiking; that was the best snickers bar I ever had.)

This is my moon light sketch in the grand canyon ~ 1994

(DAMMIT! the browser reduces the size of these a little more than I would like. I will try to fix that. You should RSS this blog, so you will NOT miss the updates! Oh….I think there is a RSS button on the right and down….somewhere on this page.)

DEATH VALLEY! WOW! Talk about feeling like you are on another planet.  The horizon is the bottom of the mountains. And that super flat earth is all SALT! The lowest point in the US, I believe?


These drawings are done with pen (by Sheila Morley). (I didn’t want to smear the sketches. (Being on the road in a small car)

  I am trying to get that murrini done I have been working on for WAY WAY TOO LONG! So, until then…



2 Responses to Sketch book study~Grand canyon,death valley,ink

  1. kayak woman says:

    Finally got around to re-finding your blog and linking to it. Absolutely love that you’re posting your sketches!

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