My little orange fish sketchin’, and think Lucky, NEW Glass!

1992-1993 living in the “The Look House” with many of the band members from “Jo Mama’s Bakery”, Thinking of the song, “My little Orange Fish”…

Home for Christmas, still wearing my hippie bracelets from the past summer. 

A sketch, a study, the begining of something,…at the time, the begining of the unfinished fish mural in the “Rink” basement…(which is still unfinished today…) I think long term this sketch was the begining of effortless hand drawing (for me, personally, I began detailed hand sketching as a freshmen in high school in 1987). I drew this while hanging out and talking to friends….

about the art journey….

Lots of New Ebay auctions, and some buy it nows going on.

Etsy shop is having an Economy sale. AND! A New Marble!

Finally!! have the cash to fix the cars. Gotta tell ya; with two cars down, and a beach walking distance from home, looks like an okay day! (I am so super Lucky. Grandpa named me “Lucky” after I won a scavenger hunt thingeey…okay, 25 years ago.)  Maybe, If we believe we are lucky we will be. I am going to think that for today 🙂


3 Responses to My little orange fish sketchin’, and think Lucky, NEW Glass!

  1. Angie Garren says:

    Hey, there, Lucky, I love the orange fishy sketch, and I love that you’ve saved all your sketches. Hands are very intriguing, most definitely. You did a great job with the lines in the palm and the curved fingers in this one!

  2. Steve Laurette says:

    Hey, cool drawing! I did a music video for “Little Orange Fish” for one of my student films at Lansing Comm. Coll. in 1993. Are you still in touch with anyone from Jo Mama’s Bakery?

    • It has been a long time since I have seen the crew from E.L. days. I lived in the “look house”. the big white house on MAC; most of the band members lived in. My sister still talks to Mike (the guitarist/singer) from time to time. He has a wife and family, and I know he lives in one of the South eastern states… still playing music too! I bumped into him at a party in Ann Arbor 5 years ago, and we had a fun time. He played a song for me…”lay down sally”…he’s a pretty good singer. Every now and then I bump into someone. Those were some super fun days. And, I really liked that song. I would love to see your video. What a small world! Thanks for saying something.
      …I still talk to Chris sometimes,,,the one that inspired the, “Chris is ganna bake us down” song… days!
      take care! And, share a link to that video, if you ever publish it a U tube or something.
      Take care!

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