Glass lady with a dress #12, Dearborn art show, and more!

    This is a very fun bead. She reminds me of Jessica from the Roger rabbit movie. (except for the brown hair). She is at auction todayat Ebay.

Her shoulder is really my favorite part. She is on the move. 😉

Dates for the Dearborn Glass academy art show have been set! Dember 5,6, and 7, 2008. I plan to be there with my work. It is a great show. Glass demonstrations go on the entire weekend. You can have an Artist create a custom piece just for you. It really is a great experience.   

Did you ever want to melt glass? I just read at the Dearborn Glass academy website; they are having a sampler class day! August 9!! Right around the corner.If you think that you want to try furnace glass, flame working, maybe neon?? Go check it out!

The Orchard lake Fine arts show went well. Thanks for coming by to visit. It is nice to see customers in person, and hear that you are checking in with my art blog. That is what it is here for.  I do plan to do the show next year too..

I will be working hard over the next few weeks; lots to do. I will check in soon with some art talk. For now, you can check out my last article for watch me create team blog here.

Oh! Almost forgot! BIG sale at my Etsy shop! Click here! 🙂



One Response to Glass lady with a dress #12, Dearborn art show, and more!

  1. Angie Garren says:

    She’s a beauty, and you’re right about the turn of her shoulder adding such movement!

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