Glass art demonstration in Michigan ~murrini for marbles!

A marble I am VERY happy with.  Made with little murrini/millefiori “petals” (flower like), that I am SO addicted to creating. I am doing a demonstration on one this weekend (Saturday around 12:00 or 1:00 at the Orchard Lake fine arts show). YUP! Me! This will be my fourth “live” demo at an art event. VERY excited. Not only do I get to get some work done, while at a show. I get to possibly inspire somebody. It’s all good.

This marble is coming with me. Truly one of a kind.  I have, I think 15 different marbles, about 40 One of a kind focal beads, three or 4 or 5 paper weights, and some sculptures, and beads that are really like little sculptures too!  If you make it, you will get to see my Love Goddess sculptural beads (and sculptures!) in person. SO WORTH IT! My pictures can not serve them justice.

And! I made silver chains with FUSED jump rings! SUPER strong beautiful sterling to go with your one of a kind art bead!


One Response to Glass art demonstration in Michigan ~murrini for marbles!

  1. Angie Garren says:

    I love the way the petals gently curve, and the depth of the clear magnifying it just makes it practically “pop” out of the marble! People at the show are going to have so much fun watching you work!

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