Welding glass to create an Owl

I saw kim Field’s  (http://www.northfiredesigns.com/) Owl beads. They are beautiful!  Kim is a Michigan Glass artists friend of mine. (We take breaks at random shows together.)  From what I hear, she is a great teacher too.   

I have been fascinated with feathering glass ever since I saw Sarah Hornick’s ( her blog — http://blog.glassbysarah.com/) glass demonstration. She pushes the glass around with a tungsten pick. Pretty good demo. She has unique techniques up her sleeve.

Owls are mysterious creatures to me. I never get to see them up close for too long. They hide from me. I googled some owl pictures , and combined those images with the dzi dot’s and warring state dot “eye” patterns.  (I have been practicing Dzi beads for a couple months…At my Etsy shop)


 This is an owl with dot eyes. His feathers are raked and feathered with a pick. 

Hm…Thank Kim, for the idea. Thank Sarah, for the feathering encouragement, and Dzi beads. What would this owl be without them.

Maybe he is a “Harold?” hm…. I have another I named Willber, I will have to share him some time.

Enjoy! (Maybe “Harold” is At auction)





One Response to Welding glass to create an Owl

  1. wong elana says:

    wow awesome welding glasses products.

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