FAQ Glass melts? You make lamps? Do you blow in it?

I  have a frequently asked question (FAQ): What do you mean you “lamp work”??? “you make lamps?”, “glass melts?”

Glass is silica with metal. They are mixed while in a compound state (dry; like flour), heated in a controlled state (furnace), forming into a solid glass.  (liquid…you know) Okay, so, we form it into 1/4″ x 36″ rods, we cut them 12″ long (like a pencil) and melt the ends in a flame, weld them together… Different metals are different colors. Different metals act different. (Science and glass are integral parts.)  We weld it in a hot flame coming from a welding torch. (You can see pictures of mine at my Website http://www.sheilamorley.com/pages/TheStudio.php) Gas and Oxygen create a clean atmosphere for the metals to combine. The trick is controlling the temperature and viscosity of the material at the SAME time.  It is a challenging and rewarding experience.  No ceramic core, or metal core is supporting these pieces. They are 100% glass.

No. I do not make lamps. Years ago, we used oil lamps to melt glass. That is how it got the name, “lampworking”. Now that the secrets have been unveiled, here in America; in the last 10 years, I would expect the term, “Lampworking” to end up in a dictionary real soon.

Yes. Glass melts.

You can blow into a tube, and air will create a hollow form in a blob of glass, on the other end of the tube (ofcourse).


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