“Fine” art? What? a bead? thoughts…MARKET?


The Traverse City bead show was this past weekend.  It was a good show. We had a nice steady stream of people come through the Haggerty center in Traverse city, Michigan.

One of my favorite things about art/bead shows is, the advice the customers offer me. (And, I get these suggestions A LOT from customers at shows.)  This one, just really made me think.   (Quoting a customer) “Your work should be in a high end shop, or at  Fine art shows”.

For years I was hesitant to call any art I made, “Fine”.  I did not want my attitude toward my work to be self righteous. (It is better to accept that you have lots to learn, no matter where you are in life.)  It is not important to be called an ‘Artist’. It is important to just keep creating and critiquing; getting to the next form; the next study…  After going to college and studying art, I knew that it would take a long time to create the pieces I want to create. Art is a process, and mastering it means you have to be self confident, self willing, and much more ‘YOU only’, on your own stuff that is really a challenge. In order to truly pull it off, you have to be patient with yourself; let yourself grow…

 Selling in Galleries more will mean prices will go up, and some pieces will have to have fixed pricing. So,  this month, after book keeping, photo editting, data entry, side jobbing, taxes (gulp), and glass melting, and grinding, I will be an Agent to myself; I’ll try to figure this out.

What is the best role for my own future as an Artist? Could the customer be right? Am I making art and then selling it in the wrong market?

what context does my work fit in?

….philosophy of art? Hm….





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