Leap day,PAPER weights with glass, Ebay is slow! MYSPACE COPY

Today is leap day. That means this day will not exist next year. So, I took the day off; kind of. I spent 3 hours on the torch, and I etched some beads. So, really, I took half the day off. In honor of the day that doesn’t really exist….right? Silly…And, since paper weight month is next month…GULP! Yup! I am naming the next month “Paper weight month”, because I have FINALLY purchased a stump sucker! Now! I can encase my murrini in big beautiful glass bubbles. (they look like bubbles; really they are BUBBLE FREE, the whole point of a stump sucker…you suck the air out.) And, that means I am am planning a stop to the furnace studio real soon! Can’t wait to get my hands on a big pot of molten glass.  Until then, I will be heating large (hockey puck size) blobs of glass in my flame, and encasing object with MY NEW STUMP SUCKER!!!!!  Yes, i will share pictures of progress. Knowing me, I will even show you my screw ups. So, that will be something to look forward to. I will even show you the paper weights I have been making without the stump sucker, so you can see what a BIG difference it makes.

For today, I have 2 pictures to share. This first one;he loves me not (with a  rainbow petal murrini flower)

This next one; some kind of Love Goddess. I was excited to have the heart look like it was floating above her hand, ever so gentle.



talk atcha later….

 (BTW, I copied this to my myspace blog too, I just can not seam to let it go…)


One Response to Leap day,PAPER weights with glass, Ebay is slow! MYSPACE COPY

  1. Art Glass says:

    Beautiful paper weights. I liked the metallic purple dancer, thanks for sharing the images. This time I too made the leap day a memorable one by staying at home and spending time with friends.

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