Intricate Glass murrini beads, pendants, demonstration…

Frequently asked question:

Murrini? What is that? A slice of a millefiori.  You can see a demo by, Chris and Lissa Juedemann here. 

I am “Michigan murrini maker”. What does that mean? I live in Michigan, and I make murrini, and I like the way that sounds.

I have been imploding my soft glass 104 murrini into schott crystal for about a year now…FINALLY, I have some to show. And soon! VERY SOON! (I hope) I will be entering the pendant, marble, and paper weight markets with schott glass, imploded, custom made (by me) murrini. With that said, it is my job to educate you on what this stuff is.

The schott crystal, is the finest CLEAR (crystal clear!) soft glass available today (lead free!)  It has magnification capabilities that are similar to borosilicate glass. The difference? It melts at a MUCH lower temperature, and it polishes up on a flat lap, way, WAY faster than borosilicate (pyrex) too. (I still Love borosilicate glass; don’t get me wrong!) (You can encase paperweight pieces with schott crystal; I do not think you can do that at all with borosilicate? I will get into that later…some other day.)

If you have been watching my work over the last year. You have seen my “murrini petals”.   I just recently, did my first murrini demonstration for the “Glassact”; The South east Michigan bead makers guild. In the demonstration, I took some murrini petals, that were still in the “rod” form (not cut into chips yet)…they looked something like this;

Then I put those together to make 1/2 of one butterfly wing.

(to make the entire butterfly would take me 3 or 5 hours….)

The end result looked something like this (everybody there got to take some home. I think somewhere between 10 to 20 people were there…)

That demonstration was an awesome experience! It was VERY well received by the audiance…and I went home feeling VERY good. (BIG! Thanks to all that were there!)

Aside from making the murrini, I have been making all kinds of beads, marbles, and paper weights with them.

This is a pendant I gave my Mom for Christmas. It is my first real success with the imploding, from last Fall.

This is one of my practice marbles that my neighbor REALLY LIKES!!

I am currently writing a magazine Article on the petal making process. I will be sure and show you some of the pictures from the process; in the near future.   If you are interested in more…drop me an email.  Visit my Web page to see more murrini beads.

(this  is a copy of my myspace blog, cuz I thought maybe people over here would enjoy it! peace!)


3 Responses to Intricate Glass murrini beads, pendants, demonstration…

  1. […] Sometimes I make more detailed murrini by welding the different rods of glass together (called a “mosaic cane”); people, faces, all types of designs… […]

  2. I’ve been searching in google for some items and occasionally found your web site.
    Oh, this is a really quality post. In theory I’d like to write like this too – taking time and real effort to make a good article… but what can I say… I loiter alot and never seem to get something done.

    • Thank you for the taking the time. I am currently having a writers block, so, maybe you are just having a block too. When I met glass, I was on a roll for several years. Now, I am blocked. Thanks for the support, and encouragement.
      Sheila M

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