Souls Parting ways on a bead made with glass

Dots and random, but organized Colors can create such a funky look .

Sometimes creating is about just letting things happen. I am sure that is what Jackson Pollock was talking about. No, this is no Pollock. Can you imagine what he could have done with glass. throwing the glass, dumping the glass. He would be IN an astronaut suit! No doubt !

that sounds like fun. oops! not sure how the text got that way. (Pardon my Pollock-esque text. this wqas ment to be this way.)

These two souls are going seperate ways!


One is sure; the other is not.

About that moment…

made with soft glass; Vetrofond

Did I mention I am thinking of moving my blog to here? FOR GOOD?

I am very excited to start a new chapter. The Myspace blog and I are parting ways.

This chick is starting a new chapter.


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